Australian Poetry Slam

The Australian Poetry Slam is a national competition for spoken word artists. Anyone can enter. In 2017, 50 heats will be held in towns, cities and suburbs hold slam heats, in state and territory of Australia. Cafe's, libraries, festivals, community halls, pubs and clubs host these events. Audiences award scores to each poet. The favourite poet from each heat is eligible to compete at a regional or state poetry slam final. The best from each state and territory travel to Sydney, to perform for a packed out audience at the National Final. The national slam champion wins prizes and professional gigs.

National Final

Book Now for APS National Final at Sydney Opera House Sunday Oct 11 2015, 7pm


Stephen Oliver, APS 2014 finalist , photographer Chris Peken

Stephen Oliver, APS 2014 finalist , photographer Chris Peken

People are standing up and speaking out. From small communities to capital cities, they are electrifying audiences using their voices, a mic and imagination. The nation's mightiest wordsmiths face-off in an epic finale - part of Word Travel's Story Fest: 3 days packed with poetry, stories, lyrics and monologues.  

Now celebrating 11 years, Australian Poetry Slam is one of largest and most respected performing writers programs in the world. It combines stories and poems with theater and hip-hop.  

At the APS Final last year, you cheered and chose Zohab Zee Khan your APS Champion, with his rage against normal rhyme schemes and his declaration that he "writes to love".

Who will this nationwide search unearth in 2015? What stories will explode in your mind, cause you to run onto stage, pump your fist and shout, "Hell yeah! Me too!"  

Judged by randomly chosen members of the crowd, one person will get the chance to perform their own words at the China Bookworm, Ubud, Byron and Sydney International Readers' and Writers' Festivals in 2016.   

The finals are the closing event of the Word Travels' Story Fest, 3-days of spoken word, poetry, stories lyrics and monologues.

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Photo: Stephen Oliver, APS 2014 finalist , photographer Chris Peken.